Can I query a collection without a Gamedonia Session?

The standard answer would be no, you can't. When you want to query for objects on a collection, you usually need a valid Gamedonia Session, which means that a User needs to be logged in first before you can call those methods).

BUT, there's an exception: Master collections. These usually store static values, like configurations or objects like the cards of a game, which have the same stats for all players and are not expected to change dynamically. These collections can be read without an open Gamedonia session. This is useful to obtain initial parameters for your game BEFORE the user actually logs in. You can use this kind of access with the get, count and search methods.

For instance, this Search call will only work without any user logged in if "collection_name" is the name of a Master collection.

GamedoniaData.Search("collection_name", "{}", delegate (bool success, IList list){  

    if (success) {

        if ((list != null)) {

            Debug.Log("Search found"+list.Count+" elements.");

        } else {

            Debug.Log("There are no elements in this collection.");

    } else {

        Debug.Log("Search FAILED");