What happens to my created entities when I deploy to Live?

Let's imagine you have some collections created in your development enviroment. Each collection has its permissions and its entitites. Now, what will happen to the content of each collection once we deploy to Live?

The first thing to consider is the two types of collections:

  • Master collections: these collections are thought to contain static content. For instance, levels in a platform game, the whole card collection in a card game.
  • Normal collections: these collections are thought to contain dynamic content. For instance, create a match challenge that will be accepted and processed. The inventory of a hero, which will change during a game.

The first time you deploy to Live:

  • Master collections: all entities in these collections will be copied to the Live enviroment.
  • Normal collections: you will see the collection as empty in the Live enviroment. No entity will be copied to Live.