How to execute a script from server side [Unity]

First of all you need to create the script in the Gamedonia Dashboard by visiting the Server Code -> Custom scripts section. Then click on the "Create Script" button and put your server code there. You can see a couple examples of server code in our Server Code guide. Let's say you called your script myScript.

Once the script is created, you just need to invoke it from your client side code. You can do it like this:

GamedoniaScripts.Run("myScript",new Dictionary<string,object>(),
   delegate (bool success, object data) {
      if (success) {
    printToConsole("The script ran normally");
      } else {
     printToConsole("The script doesn't exist or there was some problem.");
This will execute the script on the server side and give back the result in the data object.

More info here: Server code guide