How to link different types of credentials into the same Gamedonia User [Unity]

When you need to merge a user account created by a Facebook Login or some other external service with a Gamedonia user account, you just need to login a user in Gamedonia and then add new credentials to that user. In this example, we have a user logged in through email. Now we get the Facebook credentials and we add them to that user account with this call:

Credentials linkedcredentials = new Credentials();
linkedcredentials.fb_uid = "the_facebook_user_id";
linkedcredentials.fb_access_token = "the_facebook_access_token"; 
GamedoniaUsers.LinkUser(linkedcredentials, delegate (bool success, GDUserProfile profiles){
    if (success){
        //TODO: The user has been linked correctly.
    else {
        //TODO: Process your linking failure.

The result is the merging of the user account created with the email and the one created with the Facebook credentials. This will work for any other credential types.

More info here: User management guide